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Monge and Associates

“Because You Want to Win!”

That’s why Monge & Associates is the right representation for the victims of nursing home neglect and their families.

A statement from Monge & Associates regarding the preventable Florida nursing home deaths tragedy that occurred recently as a result of Hurricane Irma:

Monge & Associates Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys express our heartfelt condolences to the families of those that lost their loved ones in the unfolding tragedy of nursing home deaths caused by oppressive heat and substandard care following Hurricane Irma.

Most, if not all, of these death nursing home deaths could have been avoided, if nursing home residents would have been promptly transported to the major hospital facility across the street. Instead, elderly residents were kept in an oppressive heat index well in excess of 100 degrees without air condition.

Although the facility reported they had power and fans, there was no air conditioning.  It took EMS personnel calling 911 to report these pervasive unbearable conditions before wide scale transport of residents happened.  Sadly by this time it was too late for those who did not survive.

These are the types of preventable tragedies that remind us of the reasons we represent victims of Nursing Home Neglect and their families caused by careless actions of someone else.

We stand ready to help these victims and their families along with any others that are suspected victims of nursing home neglect.

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